The Day after Tomorrow

August 16, 2009
By WorldofD SILVER, Vadnais Heights, Minnesota
WorldofD SILVER, Vadnais Heights, Minnesota
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The Day After Tomorrow

For my book/movie report, I read the book and watched the movie of The Day After Tomorrow. I took notes while reading the book and watching the movie on the main events. I made a list of similarities and differences for the book and movie. My list for similarities was longer than my list for differences.

The book and movie had several similarities. Several changes in climate occur in different parts of the world. There were tornadoes in Los Angeles. There were plane crashes in the Midwest due to turbulent weather. It was snowing in the British Isles and people were freezing to death. Rain storms were causing flooding in New York City. Jack, a scientist, predicted that a climate shift would take place in the future. Lucy, Jack's wife and a medical doctor, was trapped in the hospital in Washington D.C. until she was rescued. Their son, Sam, was trapped in the flood and snow storm in New York City. Jack and his colleagues, Frank and Jason walk across the snow to rescue Sam.

There were a few differences between the movie and the book. There were changes in details between the book and movie. In the book, it was warm in New Delhi, India but in the movie it was snowing there. During the storm in Japan, I read about a car smashing into a restaurant but I saw a motorcycle smash into the restaurant. The car also smashed Taka, but in the movie, he got hit by hail. Sam, Laura, J.D., and Brian don't walk into the plant room in the movie. In the movie, Jason is taller than Jack but in the book, it explains that he was shorter than him. In the book, Laura, Sam's friend, gets her leg caught in a car door. In the movie, Laura hurts her leg on a revolving door. When Sam went to get medicine for Laura, the wolves that escaped from Central Park Zoo were not by the library in the movie. The book ended with the survivors just standing there. The movie showed their rescue by helicopter.

In conclusion, I feel that the book and movie The Day After Tomorrow are more similar than different. The main events of the story remained the same except for changes in details. I liked the movie more, because I could just watch it and the special effects were fun to watch. The book and movie were equally exciting to read and watch.

The author's comments:
I compared the book with the movie. It was great!

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