The Giver by Lois Lowry

August 16, 2009
By yummixox3 GOLD, Revere, Massachusetts
yummixox3 GOLD, Revere, Massachusetts
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The Giver takes place in a very strange city. Everyone is at peace and in harmony with each other. The city is the ideal place of the “most perfect place to live”, unfortunately this comes with the consequences of its inhabitants not being able to see color, or enjoy the emotion of love, or feel frustration. The main character Jonas lives with his dad who is a nurturer, his little sister, and his mom who is a judge. Soon enough Jonas is turning twelve and is assigned to be the “Receiver of Memory”, one of the most respected jobs in the community. The current Giver has the power to give Jonas memories of the world's past before their “perfect” community was created. These memories consist of snow, and warmth, and wars.

While Jonas receives more memories from the Giver every day, his family is housing a baby named Gabriel from the Nurturing Center because he is unable to sleep silently. Jonas discovers he is able to transfer some of his memories to Gabriel which makes them alike. Eventually Gabriel is destined to be killed by the process called Euthanasia. Jonas plans on saving Gabriel by running away, and while running away he'll release some of the memories the Giver has given to him. At the end Jonas and Gabriel come to a snowy hill with a sled, his first memory. Gabriel and Jonas sled down the hill to their untold futures only you can determine.

I think The Giver was an amazing book. It helped me realize feelings, good or bad, make our world ours. Without them we'd be living in a too safe environment, and honestly that's not the way I want to live. It may seem like a good idea at first, but not being able to see color would be a terrible loss. The author's style of writing is perfect and easy for me to understand. It's easy for me to read and not get confused. I'd definitely recommend this book to other students. Overall I think this book is fantastic and a perfect pick for summer reading.

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