2nd Chance: Life After Sex

August 18, 2009
By Anonymous

I had a tremendous life changing experience in regards to finding my inner self and wanting to build a closer and personal relationship with God after reading 2nd Chance: Life After Sex by Karen Hypolite. Growing up I really did not have anyone telling me how important it was for me to make the decision of saving myself until marriage. My mother had three children by three different men. In addition, both of my younger siblings knew who their fathers were and had a relationship with them. I on the other hand still to this day do not know who my biological father is. It is very mind racking and hurts my heart bad to know that I may never know who my father is and never be able to have that father and daughter relationship that I desire. It sometimes felt as if I was missing apiece of me not knowing who my biological father was.

Growing up my mother and I never really saw eye to eye and many times, I believe it was because I blamed her for me not knowing who my biological father was. During my teenage years, I slowly started growing apart from my mother from suffering with emotional and physical abuse. I felt like I did not belong there and very alone in the world because I had no role model or positive person in my life to look up to, share, and express the feelings that I had and the struggles I was going through at the time. So I really started to distance myself from my family because I felt like I was so different from them and that they didn’t or couldn’t even try to understand me It made me feel very uncomfortable with them and also myself. Therefore, I promised myself that when I got married and had children that I would not want them to have to go through the same thing I went through growing up like not having a father figure in my life. It really takes a hold on you. In addition, I had to make the decision to not let it take over my life and for me to stay focus on my life goals and accomplishments. With the faith, I had in God and in myself made me very determined to follow my dreams and become very successful. Moreover, to prove my determination to the people in my life that tried to bring me down by saying harmful and hurtful things like I would never amount to anything and that I would be pregnant by the time, I turn 18 Wrong. Hearing things like that from your family is the worst feeling in the world.

Nevertheless, the only thing you can do is pray for them and while praying for them know who you are and do not let their negativity get to you and by having confidence in yourself and most importantly having faith. Reading Second Chance: Life After Sex really opened my eyes and made me realize that I am very worthy and that I can do whatever I want if I put my mind to it. Every since I was 16 I was devoted to save my virginity until I had found that special guy and had married. I felt like I was worth more than just letting any guy take something so special and pure from me that God had made to be so beautiful and unforgettable. I am now 19 years old and still waiting patiently for God to send that special one. Although it has been hard dating wise because most guys just want a girl for her outer appearance and that leads them to wanting more like sex without them even trying to get to know you inside and out. I do get peer-pressured a lot by guys to have sex and sometimes it is hard to say no especially if you really like the guy. However, I learned in this book that if he were really in to you and really cared for you he would wait patiently for you. I also learned that life is not all about sex! Sex should not be a “hit it and quit it” type a thing its way deeper and special then what the media tries to tell us young people these days.

This wonderful and powerful book also explains the difference between sex and love. One thing people tend to think that sex is love and love is sex, which is very wrong. Sex is a physical act used to demonstrate love and true love is an emotional act that takes time it is an un-explainable feeling that you feel when you are with that special person it is a forever-beautiful feeling that never takes or hurts you. In Second Chance: Life After Sex I also learned that every time you have sex with someone who is not your husband or wife, it is as if you are getting married and getting divorced at the exact same time. It is engaging in a marital act without the commitment and license. The author of this book also explained how it is a joining and breaking apart simultaneously. Even after the breaking apart, a deposit is still left. The author also gave an example in her book by saying. “It’s like gluing two pieces of wood together, letting it dry for a day then returning the next day to rip the pieces apart. With the right amount of pressure the two pieces of wood can be separated, but there will be damage to both the pieces.” That is why it is so painful for a woman to have sex with a man when he is committed to her in an exclusive marriage relationship.

This book was so amazing and full of knowledge about sex and love and gaining a personal relationship with God. He is the only one who can give us the power to live a life beyond our wildest imagination. This book answered many of my questions about sex and love that I was embarrassed to ask anyone. I am so happy that I took the time out to read this wonderful book. When I started to read the first chapter, I could not put the book down. It reminded me that I am very worthy and capable to do any and everything I put my mind to. In addition, I learned that saving yourself for marriage is very important. Also staying true to yourself, loving and getting to know yourself before you get into a serious relationship so you can know whom you are and what you really want in life and in a husband or wife. I absolutely love this book and I want to thank the author for writing such a powerful moving life changing book that guided me to make the right choice and the safest to stay abstinence until marriage. I have learned so much about life and love from reading a book that only took me couple of days to finish. It is so moving many of my friends have a copy of the book also, have started reading it, and cannot believe how real and straight to the point it is. I can honestly say reading this book was a life changing experience for me.
Written by:
Charon -19
For More Information about Karen L. Hypolite, Ph.D. and her new book 2nd Chance: Life After Sex please visit, www.royaltybooksonline.com, www.amazon.com, www.ipassed.info, or call 678.923.3732.

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