Hang-Ups, Hook-Ups & Holding Out MAG

By Madison M., Simpsonville, SC

     Everything from the title to the text color in this, the second “Girlology” book by Drs. Melisa Holmes and Trish Hutchison, shouts that this was written for females, by females.

Beyond the aesthetics, the reader is introduced to four teen girls whose situations help address a range of questions loosely associated with their lives that also pertain to the reader. The questions are everything you ever wanted to know, and never knew you needed to know, about many topics.

Perhaps the only thing about this book that is less than fabulous is the characters of the four girls. The group is made up of a pretty elite crowd - a cheerleader with a steady boyfriend, a class genius who can almost fit into her size 2 jeans, a star athlete, and a class officer who belongs to the National Honor Society and also just happens to tame the class hottie.

Although these stereotypes are present in all high schools, they don’t represent the majority. They won’t turn off the reader, though, because the stories are interesting and this book is clearly written for the average girl, as it discusses situations and questions that are very real.

Hang-Ups, Hook-Ups, and Holding Out is for any girl who plans on ever entering a relationship, or even just growing up. It covers a vast array of personal and not-so-personal topics and uses the knowledge base of two seasoned professionals. And while the characters might not be typical high school students, parts of each can be found in every reader, making this book a requirement for any teen girl.

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