Small Wonder MAG

By Joan B., Marietta, GA

     Think about what you have eaten today. Where and how was it grown? How did you react to the last homeless person you saw? When was the last time you paid attention to nature? What does the flag mean to you? Do you have answers to these questions? And are you proud

of them?

Barbara Kingsolver makes the reader think about politics, religion, culture, and science in this compilation of 23 essays. These pieces may begin by focusing on a single event or experience, but they soon connect to broader ethical issues and what the reader can do to help make a difference.

You might not expect a collection of essays to be interesting, but Kingsolver so skillfully weaves description and caring into her prose that I was riveted. The essays cover a spectrum of topics, including poetry, ecology, agriculture, television, prejudice, poverty, and more. They are all united by her honest, thoughtful voice and her ultimate theme of hope.

A few essays may pale compared to the rest, or, if you are not an avid writer or reader, may not apply to you. Even if you do not agree with Kingsolver’s opinions or share her interests, her writing makes this a worthwhile read.

Small Wonder is a brilliant wake-up call for the idealist or activist. If you are interested in the environment, writing, the world, or improving society through the choices you make, this is a book for you.

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