Darren Shan Saga

July 26, 2009
By Anonymous

Ever heard of Darren Shan? Most likely not but he is rising superstar who's going to have his own movie soon! His books are aimed towards boys aged twelve to fifteen and boy was he spot on! When I read them I could easily relate to how his character felt throughout the book. There are twelve books in his Vampire saga and ten books in his Demon saga. In his Vampire books the main character is a young boy named Darren Shan. Now you're probably thinking, what kind of author names his book's main character after himself? I thought the same too but when I finished the twelve book saga I felt the name was a perfect fit for the character! Darren Shan's Vampire saga is sure to be a huge hit in a couple of years! Now ever since this Twilight craze started Vampires have changed a lot compared to the late 1800's. Back then they were evil monsters who could climb down walls like lizards and were shunned by angry townsfolk. In new books they act more like regular people, In Darren Shan's saga he stayed with some of the old stuff and put in some of his own new details. The Vampires do drink blood and they do burn in sunlight but Darren did add some of his own things for example like- well I'll just let you read the books and find out for yourself! The books are filled with not only Vampires but dragons, crocodiles and wolves! These books are amazing and I even got some girls reading them even though they are intended for boys! That's how good they are! So stop reading this article and go read a Darren Shan book right now! You DEFINETALY won't regret it!

The author's comments:
Warning: These books are dangerously good!

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