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July 30, 2009
By halfbloodprincess SILVER, Brownstown, Michigan
halfbloodprincess SILVER, Brownstown, Michigan
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What do people usually look for in a book? They look for suspense, adventure, scary moments, and a plot and words that really make them feel like they are in the story. The Harry Potter series puts all these elements together in one big story. This is a story that one can read repeatedly without getting bored. These books transfer you in to Harry's world, are full of suspense, and are fun to read and relate to.
Once one starts reading Harry Potter, it is hard to put the book down. The story pulls the reader in by its intriguing plot and interesting characters. It makes them feel as if they, themselves, are really part of the story. They feel the emotions that Harry experiences throughout the books. They feel angered and confused when Professor Snape ridicules Harry in front of the whole class. They are stunned when they find out that Harry is a wizard. They feel anxious when Harry fights with Lord Voldemort. They feel Harry's remorse when his godfather, Sirius, dies. They feel Harry's sense of victory when Voldemort is finally defeated. The books carry the readers through Harry's life, from childhood to adolescence, making them feel as if they were with Harry as he grew up. J.K Rowling does an excellent job on capturing characters' different shades of emotions and making the readers feel as if they are part of the story.
Another reason why billions of people around the world have read the Harry Potter series is that it is full of suspense. Throughout the entire story, the reader does not know who is going to live or die---who is going to win or lose the battle of good and evil. The reader constantly wonders if Harry is ever going to defeat the evil Lord Voldemort. They wonder if there will ever be a triumph of good over evil in the end, and yet do not know until the end of the last book. Questions like these keep coming back to the reader as the story goes on and makes them want to know more.
Another reason why the Harry Potter series are great books is that it is fun to read and easy to relate to for many people. The books have all the elements of a classic fairy tale, but they speak to today's children as classic fairy tales probably do not anymore. The writing is simple and clear, the characters everyday people, and situations that can be related to the real world. The readers can easily relate with how Harry feels when his godfather dies, as many people have had family members who have died. They completely understand Harry's anguish, anger and sadness at his godfather's death. The readers can also relate to the characters' personalities, from faithful, love-craving Harry, sarcastic attention-seeking Ron, brainy, dedicated Hermione, happy go-lucky Fred and George, the shrewd Dumbledore, caring Hagrid, kind Weasleys, brave Ginny, courageous yet timid Neville, peculiar Luna, brave and thoughtful Lupin, to the evil Death Eaters. The author shows many different types of characteristics through her characters that readers can narrate to. The readers themselves might have a personality like Hermione and might be able to guess what she will do next. The readers may also have friends that have personalities of the other characters in the story and may be able to relate to how they feel and act. By giving her characters many different types of personalities, J. K Rowling makes the Harry Potter books more interesting to read. (Dreaming on…)
The Harry Potter series are fun to read and relate to, full of suspense, and transfer you to another world. The books have become an important part of today's literature. The series pulls the reader into the book and makes them feel as if they are actually there. They can feel the characters different emotions as the story progresses---from their cheerfulness to their grief. The books make the readers anticipate what is to come. When one book ends, the reader wants to read the next book and find out what happens. They continuously ask themselves the question of whether the good will ever overcome the evil. It is entertaining to read about wizards and witches the way J.K. Rowling portrays them. It is also uncomplicated to identify with ‘the boy who lived' because of his being an ordinary boy. The readers can also relate and comprehend to the many different personalities of the characters. This series are the liveliest, funniest, most frightening, and most moving children's story ever written. The Harry Potter books are classics, and not just as children's literature, but as classics of world literature.


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