I am America (And So Can You!)

March 19, 2009
By Anonymous

Stephen Colbert's I am America (And So Can You!) is a political satire about many different aspects of America. It deals with both the good and the bad of America from Stephen's eyes. Stephen Colbert, as you may know, is a conservative who likes to crack jokes about his affiliation. The book is about how Stephen plans to fix America with his tough-love politics. It was really funny in the beginning and it was hard to put down. Stephen uses his trademark humor to explain his ideas, and he does a good job of it. The book was entertaining for a while, but it got a bit repetitive at about the half-way mark. It's almost like Stephen was forcing jokes in where they didn't belong. It became really boring and hard to finish, and if I wasn't doing a report on the book I probably wouldn't have finished it. I would recommend this book to die-hard fans of 'The Colbert Report', anyone else will eventually become bored with this book. It's good for a few laughs at the start, but the tedium sets in quickly.

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