Marley and Me

March 19, 2009
By Anonymous

The non-fiction book Marley and Me written by John Grogan was an exceptionally good book. Marley, the pure Labrador retriever was taken into the Grogan home as a little puppy. However John and Jenny had no idea what they were in for. Marley grew fast and soon became the most energetic, crazy, disobedient dog you've ever heard of. Marley did everything from getting kicked out of obedience school, to swallowing Jenny's golden necklace. However the bond between John and Marley was one of a kind. No matter what happened Marley watched over the family and remained loyal to each and every one of the Grogans. This is a great book for animal lovers and family people. This book keeps you interested and there are never any dull parts to it. However the one weakness of this book is it really doesn't describe the three kids and how they interacted with Marley. This was an amazing book and I absolutely loved it. I highly recommend this book to teenagers and adults.

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