The Night I Freed John Brown by John Michael Cummings

June 22, 2009
By Christopher Burgess BRONZE, Clarksburg, West Virginia
Christopher Burgess BRONZE, Clarksburg, West Virginia
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The Night I Freed John Brown by John Cummings

This story is about two mysterious houses, an angry father, John Brown’s raid and a young boy looking for something new to happen to his life. The Night I Freed John Brown is an eventful story about Josh Connors, who lives by a wax museum of a fearsome John Brown looking through Josh’s bedroom window. Along with angry John Brown, there is his angry father who covers his house with trash to prevent pesky tourists from looking at his house. The dad traps Josh and his two brothers in their house to prevent attraction. To escape, Josh and his two brothers go to their grandma’s old house which is now owned by the church and sly Father Ron.

The church used to be open till someone stole all the church’s valuables .The building has for some strange reason always looked newly painted. The grandma’s house and the Richmond family’s house are the same. The Richmond’s also seems to look newly painted all the time. After visiting the Richmond’s and hearing of a play at their house , Josh sneaks from his dad to act his part as one of John Brown’s sons.

After hearing this, Josh’s father bans him from even seeing the play because he doesn’t like John Brown. But, he sneaks out and acts in the play. Josh comes home to get yelled at by his dad and mom. Later full of anger and hate, Josh and his brothers go on a rampage through the city, terrorizing the Richmond brothers and chucking rocks at their cousin Ricky and breaking the glass of the wax museum.

Read the book to find out the rest of this story. This book is for history lovers or people who like to know about West Virginia history and Harper’s Ferry. This book can be read by all types of readers.

The author's comments:
I met the author when he talked at my school. Later, my mom and I went to the mall and got a copy signed by the author John Cummings.

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