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My Everest Story

June 1, 2009
By Treyton Daniels BRONZE, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
Treyton Daniels BRONZE, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
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My Everest Story

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The book "My Everest Story," written by Mark Pfetzer, is a non-fiction book about a boy who wants to fulfill his dreams of climbing up Mount Everest. It is written in first person's view, climbing and fulfilling his dream throughout the book. In my opinion, it probaby could've been a little more descriptive. it had some description. It had some description, but not as mush as a good reader would've like.

His story begins in August of 1992. Mark was a twelve year old boy at the time. it took place at the Alton wilderness center at the University of Rhobe Island. They are there practice hiking, camping and rock
climbing. Mark is an oversized boy for his age ( height wise saying) but takes no intrest in any of the more physical sports; basketball, football, baseball, or soccer. He does seem to take interest in endurance sports such as hiking, running and even karate. Mark met a man, more of a mentor, named Dr. Geoff Javin, who has been to the top of Mt. Everest. Mark's first real climb was at a place called Lake Placid. That climb went very well, even though it was more like a hike.

The next step was a trip to Nepal. It cost $5,000, which Mark paid with donations from almost every business in his community. He raised the money and went on the trip to Nepal. The trip only lasted for about one month. Mark then went on many expeditions like that over the next two years. Finally, on April twenty-third 1995, he gets to fulfill his dream of climbing up Mt. Everest.

I think that the author achieved his purpose about his adventures destinctively. He told about his trips with passion, like when he was explaining the Everest story. The writing is very effective because I could tell he was explaining tell he was having fun on all of the trips just by his explanations. I find the book very moving because it started out with a little kid, wanting big dreams that would eventually be fulfilled. I would recommend it to people who are having trouble finding their "dreams" or goals in life.

Mark Pfetzer had big dreams. He satisfied his dreams because he never gave them up.

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