How to succeed in business without really trying

June 7, 2009
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I watched the play “How to succed in business without really trying” on May 16. It was about a window washer named Finch. Finch dreams on making it to the top in the business world. Finch starts by applying himself to the World Wide Wicket company where he starts being a bussiness man. He pulls some strings after running into the president of the company and is offered a job in the mailroom. Finch denies the job because he finds out he never moves anywhere. The job is then turned over to the president’s nephew Bud Frump, which is my cousin. Finch becomes the president’s best friend. A new job opens up and Finch takes the job and finds out he loves Rosemary, a sweet secretary. When Finch is asked for an advertising presentation, he is stumped because he doesn’t know anything about that. Bud Frump the conniving and jealous nephew offers to help Finch. It ends by the president of the company staying the president and Finch becomes chairman with Rosemary by his side. Frump ends up washing windows and holding “How to succeed in business without even trying” in his hands. It was a well organized play with many interesting scenes.

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tor10jax said...
Jul. 12, 2009 at 2:09 am
You proved it's interesting but would you recommend it?
Keep writing!
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