maximum ride: the angel experiment

June 8, 2009
By Anonymous

We all want to know what it feels like to posses our own pair of wings……..right? Well maximum Ride and her flock family will welcome you with open arms….wait wings. In this novel maximum Ride (a 14 year old winged girl) gives you a feeling that you can reach behind you and feel silky feathers between your fingers.

Max, Fang, Iggy, The Gasman, Angel, and Nudge aren’t exactly normal; I mean does living in cages with scientist in crisp white coats constantly testing you sound normal? And don’t forget they have wings!

Jeb one of the “white coats” (more like evil crazy psychos) broke the flock out of the “school” (code for science lab) just after a couple of years the flock and Jeb feeling like a family in the hidden away mountains, all of a sudden Jeb disappears Coincidence? I should say not! When the school security guards (Erasers who are big giant wolfy people) come to kidnap the sweet little flock member Angel, Max and the remaining flock set out to discover more then they would ever have believed was possible for their messed up lives.

You may have the impression that this book is like all those other cheesy superhero kind of books, but seriously the action packed flock and short chapters will leave you breathless and hungry for more. So I am granting you the right to soak this book up you don’t need any manors for this book just devoir it. This is easily the best book series I have ever read, and I have read many many many Books.

Maximum Ride is like the mother of the flock, even though she is only 14 she still will do anything she can to protect her flock. Max is a huge reason why this book is what it is. She makes this book so funny! Her sarcastic comebacks never fail to make you giggle even when she is facing death……oops! Teaser! Fang is the quite one of the flock, thru this book he realizes he may or may not have feelings for max……teaser!!!!! Iggy, 14 is blind thanks to those stupid white coats who thought they could enhance his vision (stupid peanut brained scientists). Nudge 11, the blabbermouth of the flock; once she starts she can’t stop. Angel, 6 the sweetie whose developing strange powers with time. Is she mutating? What will happen with the flock if her powers turn her evil? But you will find that out throughout the series. Angel is The Gaseman’s actual blood sister.

This book is full with non stop action; the love for each other that the flock is constantly sharing is heart warming. I think that James Patterson is an inspirational author. Every sentence is in a point of view that most of us have rarely considered. Personally I am a classic book kind of girl: To kill a mocking bird, The Catcher in the Rye, Uncle Toms Cabin, Wuthering Heights, And all Jane Austen’s. These books are the kind of books I prefer but somehow Maximum Ride is my new favorite and I still enjoy it even though I wouldn’t normally pick up this genre.

So do me a favor and pick up this book! Or I will find you! The maximum ride series is for teens-adults. This book is the best series I have ever read, it beats the twilight saga! Call me crazy but I prefer reading about genetic winged kids over blood thirsty vampires. Don’t be insulted Edward!

The author's comments:
you will fall inlove with the flock!

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mindy30985 said...
on Oct. 9 2009 at 12:58 pm
I love this book. I read the 1-3 ones. they are soo good.

alenawrites said...
on Sep. 18 2009 at 7:38 pm
Haha...yepp...this definetly kicks the Twilight Saga's butt. Read the whole series, my friend. Not the best series EVER, but it just radiates AWESOMENESS. I can't wait until the 6th book comes out. It's called Fang, I think.

TrulySecrets said...
on Jun. 10 2009 at 4:34 am
TrulySecrets, West Linn, Oregon
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"Being the freak that I am..." TrulySecrets

I like the beginning of the review! But everything else is great to!

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