So B. It

June 4, 2009
By Anonymous

So B. It
By Sarah Weeks

I have never been to Reno, Nevada or liberty, New Your but Sarah Weeks made me feel as if I was there. Sarah Weeks's detailed description and figurative language allow you to really connect and dive deep into the story. In So B. It the story begins when mama and her young baby Heidi show up at Bernadette's apartment door in Reno, Nevada. Bernadette or dette takes mama and Heidi in right away, and begins taking care of them. From then on dette has lived with and taken care of mama and Heidi. Which has been easy for her considering mama and Heidi are her neighbors.
Heidi and her adventure is the reason I loved the book so much. Heidi is very curious and very opinionated. Being as curious as she is she wants to know everything about her past. But, knowing about her past and where she came from is hard because dette does not know where she came from and mama has a “bumb brain.” As a result of mama's brain she can not tell Heidi anything because she only knows twenty three words.
Heidi's adventure begins when she gets curious about one of mama's words, that she does not know the meaning of. Heidi feels mama's word soof could be an important piece to the puzzle of her past. So without dette's permission she buys a bus ticket to and travels to Liberty, New York where she believes her mother once lived.

The main characters Heidi, mama, and Bernadette are very interesting and so different. Heidi has a very strong personality and wants to know everything possible just like dette does. Dette is very smart but her AP does not allow her to see the world from her own eyes. Instead she has to see it through books, and Heidi's eyes. She is great at talking people into things, and calming them down, which helps her with mama. Dette is good at coaxing mama when she is having a tantrum. She also helps Heidi figure out what soof is, because she is so good at talking people into things. Mama is a very mysterious character because she can not talk very much. But, without her the story would never be the same. What you do learn about mama is she loves to color and drink juice boxes, especially when she gets headaches.

So B. It is a great story about hope and perseverance. Throughout the entire book Weeks displays these themes. All of the characters especially Heidi, are very hopeful, and when times get rough they preserver and find a way to solve their problems.

I really enjoyed So B. It and I highly recommend it. I liked how it was so action packed and such a page turner. So B. It was a great book and it really opened my eyes to what other people struggle with each and everyday. In my opinion Weeks did a good job displaying her message. I love the book and it is a must read for all ages!

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