Hope was Here

June 4, 2009
By Anonymous

Hope was Here
By Joan Bauer

Joan Bauer caught my interest for this book within the first 7 pages. The book Hope was Here is about a 16 – year –old girl trying to find hope in her life, with little already.
I connected with Hope, not because we had the same interests, but because we both thought in the same kind of way. Hope had the name Tulip before she changed it to Hope. She had always hated the name Tulip and thought it was ridiculous. Hope's mother abandoned her when she was only a baby. The ridiculous name that her mother gave her is just about the only thing left from her. Hope has only met up with her mom 3 times over the course of her life, and receives the odd Christmas card. As for her Dad, he is not in her life either. She has never met him and she always thinks about what he is like. Hope lives with her Aunt Addie.
Aunt Addie is an extraordinary cook, and Hope is an extraordinary waitress. Together they are an amazing team. Addie is amazing to Hope, being a single parent doesn't hold her back. Addie is always writing up new recipes and being too hard on her cooking. Everything has to be perfection for Addie. She says in the book -“This dessert case is unacceptable. You are going to put a pearl necklace from Tiffany's inside a plastic box?” I found this really funny, and it shows her drive for perfection.

Hope wasn't surprised when her Aunt announced that they are moving, yet again. But this time Hope has to leave a little more behind- “The greatest diner in Brooklyn”. This time they are packing up for small town, Mulhoney, Wisconsin. Hope does her repeated ritual for another time, writing “HOPE WAS HERE” in ½ inch letters underneath the counter. Looking back at all the other times she has carved, and left. Addie and Hope bring their love and passion to every diner they work at, and that really shows when they move and start working at Welcome Stairways in little town Mulhoney Wisconsin.
Hope falls in love with Welcome Stairways diner, and the cook Braverman. She is always there working, and can control the place in seconds. One thing I really enjoy in this book is that you hear Hope's thoughts as she is waiting tables; you can feel the adrenalin coming off the pages of the book. The characters in this book are extremely different from one another. There is Braverman, the cook. There is G.T the owner, and there is Lou Ellen the other waitress. You also meet in with some of the customers.
Hope gets involved when G.T. starts a campaign hoping to be elected mayor. Everyone in the town is surprised by his decision: 1st because G.T isn't a rough competitive guy, 2nd he does not have any experience in the politics, 3rd, he is dying of leukemia. This certainly doesn't stop Hope and G.T. to elect him mayor. G.T. is up against Eli Millstone, in my opinion he does not seem like a good current mayor because he doesn't seem to keep his promises, and is very rude.
Why would anyone vote for G.T.? “Because he is the first honest guy we have had a long time, a true, real, honest person.” In my opinion getting to know G.T. throughout the book I think he would be a great mayor.
Hope starts to realize throughout the campaign that G.T. is the father she has been dreaming about this whole him. An unexpected twist comes at the end that will have your jaw open. I hope you enjoy the book, just like I did!

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