The boy who returned from the sea

June 3, 2009
By Anonymous

How would you feel if you lived at home. A sweet comfortable home. With your very unique, out of the ordinary family. And then you were captured out of the blue. And you were taken to a large ship. Away from your island leaving your many sheep dogs behind. Well that is the major problem for dog, Moxie and her herd of sheep dog. With out Jack, they will not be able to survive. With many fangos running about it is hard for the sheepdogs to do there job. All the extra time that you have has to be dedicated to helping your family and the others around you. Because they need food too. It would be a challenge for all that to happen. So when Moxie is hard at work, Jack tries to get off the ship and save his family because he knows they will not do that well with out him there.

Then after a couple of days Jack find a guy. The guy is an amber digger that somehow got on the boat. The digger, Blackburn jukes gives Jack an offer. The offer is to help get off the boat and go to an island to start searching for amber. So Jack thought that he could escape the man and go find Moxie. So the plan works, they row down the extra little boat that lay on the side. And then head off paddling to the next island that they see. They jump off the boat and Jack runs, run like he has never ran before, Blackburn jukes yells. But Jack is already gone. So now he doesn’t have a helper. After a while Jack finds Moxie and they are reunited! Then they get everything back into place, Moxie is not starving anymore neither are the sheepdogs. And Jack scared off all the fangos. What a relief!
But as you all know there is always a twist in the story, which there is. After a little while Blackburn jukes finds Jack, and keeps him for good. He puts a blind fold over his eyes. This will make him blind. While Moxie gets worried, Jack is sent off to do the hard dirty work. Day and night day and night Jack goes off to do the mining. And Moxie gets frightened about what will happen if the fangos come back and loosing the sheep. She doesn’t want everyone to go through starvation again!
Some books leave off with a sad ending or a happy ending. But this book is a mystery until you reach the conclusion to all this commotion. This book captures the light in true friendship. Its so sweat. Personally I love action packed stories, so this book is perfect for me. It’s so entertaining I couldn’t put the book down! Clay Morgan traps you in his book; he pulls you in to the wild adventures of the relationships between the beloved Jack and his family, Moxie! What would happen is Moxie never saw Jack again? Would she survive? And what would happen is Jack is captured for life and he turns blind? These are all good questions to ask the book, but to save the trouble how about you just flip open the cover and read!

The author's comments:
uh... well its sooo amzing! hahahaha i love me!

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