Single Mom

May 29, 2009
By Anonymous

Being a single mother of two is hard. Especially when neither of the fathers are actively or regularly involved in their child’s life. But you do what you have to do for your family. You refuse to be just another statistic and you take charge of your life. That is what the single mother in Omar Tyree’s Single Mom does.

I can personally relate to this story because my mother is a single mother of three. I know the kind of struggles she goes through on a daily basis to take care of my siblings and me. Neecy goes through the same issues with her two sons. Her oldest son’s father gets involved with the Gangster Disciples and ends up going to jail shortly after their son’s birth. The other son’s father never had any intention to get her pregnant and knew he wasn’t going to marry her before the incident ever occurred.

Even though she has the odds to work against she manages to get a degree in financial management and open her own business. She helps start a support program for single mothers with her closest friend. They helped each other get on their feet and decided they needed to share their experiences with others that are going through the same ordeal.

Single Mom has an important theme: Fate doesn’t control you, you control your fate. This book is engaging and inspiring and just keeps you thinking.

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