The Night My Sister Went Missing

May 29, 2009
By missemma BRONZE, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
missemma BRONZE, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
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I loved the book The Night My Sister Went Missing by Carol Plum-Ucci. This book was published by Harcourt Incorporated in 2006. It is categorized under the Mystery genre and is 202 pages long. It is basically about a guy and his sister who are both hanging out with friends as usual, but all of a sudden his sister gets missing. First of all, when I started reading this book, it didn’t make any sense at all, but as I kept on reading, I began to get the point of all the mysteries that were occuring. One of the main reasons I find this book very fun to read is the tension-filled, sudden and unexpected events that occur.
Most of the scenes in this book take place at Mystic Lake, and it is written in first point of view. There were quite a number of characters, but the one main character was Kurt Carmody. He is a sophomore and is very full of life.
It was just an ordinary day like any other days when Kurt was at a party, and then all of a sudden, his sister was nowhere to be found. The coast guards had been searching all over for Casey, but still, she didn’t show up.

I did not get the point of this book when I first started it, but the further I read, the more I understood it and the more interesting it was. There were quite a number of purposes of the book. One of them was to show the significance of trust in friendships/relationships. For example in page 82 when Kurt says, “I wonder what your relationships are based on if trust doesn’t come to it.” This statement made me think for a little bit, because honestly, I know that it could be really hard at times to trust others, but we need to at least find a way to have confidence in someone, so you have someone to turn to always. Kurt’s friend, Drew, was always there for him, and I think that is how all human beings should be. I also find exceptional what Mr. Kearney says about people on pg. 160, “It’s your thoughts about people that bring you closer to someone.” This is so true nowadays because in my opinion, what you think or feel about someone determines how you two are going to get along. It also helps bring you both either together or apart.
Her similes are also very interesting. For example on page179 when Kurt says, “life had been like a giant play, an exercise in ‘let’s pretend’ with the actors spitting out lines.”

There were a few ups and downs of the book like the imperceptible parts which were the downs, but by and large, I think the purposes were actually achieved. I realized the significance of trust in a friendship because of what Kurt went through with his friend Drew.
I also became conscious of how powerful and defeating our words could be to others.
They could make us, or they could break us. This book started out a little dull, but when I was done, I was deeply moved. The writing is very beautiful, and I would recommend this book to just about anyone. To me, it has got lots of different styles of perceptions about issues and situations which makes it even more unique.

This book is very stunning. The lesson I learned from it applies a lot to how we live our lives- We don’t get to realize the significance of what we have until we lose it.
Kurt never really realized what Stacy meant to him until it was too late. Underestimating what we have, isn’t the best choice.
We have got to make good use of what we have now before it is gone forever.

The author's comments:
I loved this book because it has a lesson worth learning.i hope the reader gets the whole point of the book and i also hope they see the significance of the moral it has.

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