Memory Boy Book Review

May 29, 2009
By Anonymous

I read the exciting book Memory Boy by Will Weaver. This book was published in 2001 by Harper Collins Publishers Incorporated. Weaver wrote this phenomenal novel in the style of science fiction. This story was very relatable to me mainly because it takes place in Minnesota. Plus because the story was so realistic, an extra chill factor was added.

It starts off in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Two years earlier, a series of devastating volcanic eruptions occurred in the Cascade Range, and ever since, ash has been slowly falling across the nation. The residue has had a dramatic affect on the environment causing farms to fail and food to become scarce. Sixteen-year-old Miles Newell and his family are escaping the city by trying to find more peace and safety up north at their cabin; little do they know, the city isn’t the only place that has become worse. With the help of Miles’ memories from an old friend named Mr. Kurz, they start a journey full of suspense and excitement that you will never forget.

Overall I thought that this book was incredible. With its twist and turns, threatening plot line, and realistic characters, it never became boring. Some of my favorite effects included how it was written through Miles’ point of view, and also how there are flashbacks that give you more and more clues to how Miles was thinking at that moment. For instance, when Miles was trying to find a spot to sleep for the night on the road he remembers Mr Kurz saying, ”Trails, follow the game trails. They’ll show you the way. Look around and use what the woods gives you. If you listen, it will tell you what to do…” This memory helps him find a safer campsite out of the way instead of under a bridge like they were intended to. Later they discover that they could have been attacked by robbers that had walked through the woods during the night. An additional detail that made this novel even better was how Will Weaver used real life places in his writing. For example, when Miles and his family are just starting their journey, they go through Downtown Wayzata, Minnesota and pass the Fresh Mart Produce Store that at that time is getting robbed. The Newells also follow highway 494 up to their cabin and see Paul Bunyan as well as other real life landmarks on their journey. Because I am familiar with those various locations, I was able to better imagine the story. I also believe that the author was able to get his view of the story across very easily to the reader. I was so engrossed in the story while reading that it never occurred to me that the characters or the story for that matter might not be real. I admire Will Weaver for his in-depth thinking that appeared within the dialogue and storyline. Without those details the novel would have lost one of its best attributes. As for the negative aspects of this book, they are limited. The only bad thing I could think of is that there wasn’t a sequel.

Overall, I hold Memory Boy in high regard. This book never gets old to me, and I know that if you read it, the same experience would happen to you. I would suggest this novel to anyone, for it has something to share with all types of personalities no matter what.

The author's comments:
I had to do this for school. Even if you think this book review is lame please just read the book because frankly, it's a BEAST.

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