Silent to the Bone

May 29, 2009
By Anonymous

Silent to the Bone

I read the book Silent to the Bone by E. L. Konigsburg. This book was

published by Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing Division in 2000. Silent to

the Bone is classified as mystery. This book was a very mysterious, enjoyable

and fun story to read.

Silent to the Bone is about a boy named Connor who is trying to figure

out who harmed Nikki. Nikki is Branwell's newborn sister. Branwell is Connor's

best friend. On Wednesday, November 25th Branwell came home from school

to find that Nikki was breathing funny. She had slipped into a coma. He

screamed to the babysitter, Vivian, for help on what to do. She told him to call

911. When he did, and the other end of the line picked up, he couldn't speak.

He was silent, Silent to the Bone.

The author wrote this book because she would like people to

enjoy a great mystery story. She wants people to read about her creative side;

what she thinks make people wonder. I think this book is successful because

it sounds like it could be a non- fiction story. People like relating to the "real

world". The setting of this story takes place in Clarion County. This story is

written in Connor's perspective. The major characters are: Connor, Branwell,

Nikki, Margaret (Connor's older sister) and Vivian. In this story, Connor is trying

to get Branwell to come out of his silent stage and tell them what really

happened to Nikki so that he can be released from the Juvenile Behavioral


I believe Mrs. Konigsburg achieved her purpose at making a very well

written mystery story. I made many predictions about who had put Nikki in the

coma, but I was always wrong. I blamed the delivery man from the pizza shop

because it seemed as if the clues pointed to him. When Connor was

interviewing him he said that he had been at the house that day to drop off

pizza's around the time that Nikki slipped into her coma. Also, at one point in

the story I blamed Branwell. Now knowing who harmed Nikki, I should've

known it couldn't have been Branwell, he loved his baby sister. I enjoyed

reading this book and finished it within a few short days because I couldn't

put it down.

In conclusion, I believe this is a very entertaining and moderately exciting

story. It does involve teenagers so I can some what relate to their points of view.

I thought this was a truly amazing story, in which I will continue to share with

friends and family.

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I remember that book. It was the first mystery I read.

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