May 21, 2009
By Tyler Hayes BRONZE, Beverly Hills, California
Tyler Hayes BRONZE, Beverly Hills, California
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Book title and author: Heat by: Mike Lupica
Title of review: Tyler’s Review
Number of stars (1 to 5):5
This book is about a boy named Michael and his brother Carlos. Their family escaped from Cuba and is living in the United States illegally. Where is their father? What are they hiding? Where is Michael’s birth certificate? How old is he? Will they ever get caught?

Description and summary of main points
Michael plays baseball and is the best pitcher in the Bronx. When he strikes out a player named Justin, some of the other coaches try to tell people that Michael is older than twelve. He needs to find his birth certificate, but it is stuck back in Cuba. Nobody knows where his father is except him, Carlos, and one of his neighbors. Official people are suspecting something when their father isn’t with them. They think he ran out on his kids. What really happened to their father? Will his team make it to the Little League World Series?

The main characters: Michael, Carlos, Manny, Uncle Tito, and El Grande. The theme of this book would be to stand up for yourself. Don’t just sit around but take action and get what you deserve and know what is right.

Michael stops a purse thief with a throw from home plate. He plays for a team in the Bronx and people think he is older than twelve. He’s not allowed to play without a birth certificate so he can prove he is only twelve. They want to know where his father is but he can’t tell the truth because they might split up Michael and Carlos. He doesn’t know what to do but he knows he has to do something.
Your final review
This is a great book, but I’m not going to recommend it to anyone. I thought it was good, but that is my own opinion..

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