May 28, 2009
By Hunter Liggett BRONZE, Reader, West Virginia
Hunter Liggett BRONZE, Reader, West Virginia
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Book Review Outline

Book title and author: Uglies/ Scott Westerfeld
Title of review: Uglies Review
Number of stars (1 to 5): 5 Stars

The book Uglies is the first book out of a five book series. The main character is a girl named Tally Youngblood. In Tally’s world when you turn sixteen you have an operation that makes you drop dead gorgeous. But before you get the operation you are considered ugly. While Tally is awaiting her operation she meets an unexpected “friend” who apparently doesn’t want to be pretty. Her “friend” asks her to come with out in the wild to run away from all the pretty-changing nonsense. Will Tally go with her new friend to run away or will she become a pretty bubblehead?

Description and summary of main points
Tally is in a world of pretties and uglies. Tally’s best friend Peris is waiting for his best friend to become pretty so that they can be pretty together. But the arrival of a girl name Shay could change Tally’s mind. Tally questions herself whether or not she really wants to become pretty or stay ugly forever and run away with her so called new best friend. Should she sacrifice her chance of becoming pretty or go against her friend. I guess becoming pretty does have its consequences. This book also teaches you a lesson you will never forget. That lesson is that you can’t trust everyone you meet.

This book is full of unexpected surprises and action packed moments. This read is for people who are mature readers because it does have some profanity in it. Uglies is for all people who love a good mystery, action-filled, romantic, teen fiction book. When you read this book you will want to turn the page because once you start you can not stop. Trust me I know this for a fact!!!!


Tally learns that she is going to have to payback every one of the lives she has ruined. Being a traitor has some advantages, but everyone around her gets the disadvantages.

Your final review
Before I read this book I thought that reading was pointless. But my friend Katelyn told me that I absolutely had to read a book called Uglies. I told her that I probably wouldn’t read it but that I might. Well Katelyn knows me like the back of her hand, so she knew I would never read it. The next day Katelyn showed up with a book in her hand. She told me that she was going to watch me read every single chapter. Well she kept her promise, and when I finished that book I was amazed. I actually loved it! Katelyn ran up to me and said I have good news and bad news. I asked her what the bad news was and she told me that she was going to make me read a lot more books. The good news was that, that book has a series. When she told me that, I jumped up and gave her a big hug. Katelyn was amazed at how much I liked that book. Since then you can’t catch me without a book in my hand. The book Uglies got me to love reading.

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