Costa Rica

May 21, 2009
By Anonymous

Book Review Outline
Book title and author: Costa Rica by. Tricia Haynes
Title of review: Place
Number of stars (1 to 5): 3

This book is about a place far away in Costa Rica where there are beaches and it as many places to visit. Costa Rica is a place where people can visit to see the ocean and all kinds of other things. People say it’s the second funniest place in the world very peaceful, and calm, they say it’s a place where you can relieve your stress.
My book is about how people come to visit and enjoy the ocean and how different people can have a very fun vacation and enjoy themselves. Many main points are in this book like how some places are surrounded with different people and different religions.
Costa Rica has many places to visit like how to enjoy the pleasures of relaxing and smelling the sweet air and having the most wonderful time you can have in your life. Visiting the Costa Rica you would have a good place in the Atlantic Ocean to visit if you’d like to see palm trees, excepessicaly if you want to get a tan.
The book is about a place that I believe people should read, I really think that Costa Rica is a wonderful beautiful place to visit and enjoy the beach and to have an enjoying peaceful place. Everyone should like to visit and enjoy the different religions in this world. Costa Rica has a lot to offer.

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