Teenage Drinking by: Shelly Marshall

May 15, 2009
By bethany webb BRONZE, Elkview ,, West Virginia
bethany webb BRONZE, Elkview ,, West Virginia
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Book title and author: Teenage Drinking by: Shelly Marshall
Number of stars (1 to 5): 3


This book is mainly about teen drinking and how it is a bad decision for teenagers to drink under age. Shelley Marshall (the author), tells you about the consequences that will be if you make the decision to drink and get drunk. Marshall explains to you the effects and anything can happen. She also explains how your body is not used to it where it so young it can upset your stomach depending on how much you drink.

Description and summary of main points

I think Marshall’s purpose to right this book is to show teens that they have a choice to drink or not. I think that the audience would respond to this book very well and think it is a real inspiration. ‘’A lot of kids drink because of pressure and trying to impress their friends but doing that can interfere on there future.’’, said Marshall talking about peer pressure kids put on others.

This book is a really good book for teenagers but only teenagers. It would not be very interesting for children. Although it might interesting for parents to learn to talk to there teenagers about drinking.


My conclusion on this book is it is a great book about teenage drinking. The book itself point is that there is always a way out of drinking and there are better ways to spend your time .Her view is that you can always make better decisions and talk to somebody about it.

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