The Greenbrier Ghost#2

May 19, 2009
By Anonymous

The Greenbrier Ghost has many stories in it but the one that caught my eye was little oh hazel. The book little oh hazel starts out in a little field with know houses around expect for one old black and white house. In the house lives a mother a father and a little girl named Hazel. Hazel grew up not having anything. She was always sad because all the other kids called her names and laughed at her because she did not have that many cloths. Hazel grew up only having one friend and that was her white horse Phantom. Phantom was a beautiful stallion he always stood by hazels side watching her every move. Hazel grew up and went to collage her mom died when Hazel was just thirteen. Hazel’s mother left her money to go to collage when she finished high school. Hazel grew up well and she got married to a very wealthy man.
A poor girl named Hazel grew up with people picking on her just because she did not look like them, Hazel grew older and she went to collage and got married to a very wealthy man named Jimmy. Hazel’s mom past away leaving her money to save for her education. After her mother died the people that was picking on her all threw school blamed Hazel for her mothers death saying the only reason she wanted her mom to die was to get the money that her mother had saved in the basement of the old black and white house. The next day the horrible people set hazels house on fire with Hazel and her husband inside from that day on hazel has been saw in the burnt down house looking for the people that treated her badly and the legend is if you go anywhere near Hazels house she try’s to chase or scare you out .The purpose of this book was to tell of a little girl’s life and to show how horrible your life can be if you get picked on in school and also to show you how other people’s life is when you call them names just because that siren person don’t fit your life style. Also this book was trying to teach people not to pick on other people because one day you might just regret what horrible things you have done.This book is a wonderful book and it talks about ghost and I totally consider this book to who ever likes ghost stories.

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