May 15, 2009
By Anonymous

By the magic of a crackling fire, writer Wayne Erbsen will introduce you to authentic pioneers who will sing you ancient songs, spin yarns about Davy Crockett, Daniel Boone and Thomas Jefferson, and tell spell-binding tales of bear hunting with moonshine or give you advice on how to buy a mule. You'll join other settlers in a house raising, new logs for a cabin, find a red ear of corn at a husking bee, and kick up your heels at an old-fashioned barn dance. They'll take you inside an old-time general store and a one-room schoolhouse, and will feed you molasses crips and ash cake. If you're sickly, they'll heal you with remedies and superstitions, or take you to a "yarb doctor" or "granny woman." Ladies will learn how to "catch a man," and gents will learn "how to pick a wife." The book includes 143 vintage black and white photos and melodies, lyrics and chords to 19 songs. Log Cabin Pioneers Stories, Songs, & Sayings.This books main point is how they learn to live like they did in the old golden days and it has songs like Outhouse Song, (The) Barbara Allen Blackest Crow, (The) Darling Cory east Virginia Four Nights Drunk
Frankie Silvers

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