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May 15, 2009
By Anonymous

This book, The Guide to Mischief, is an excellent guide that describes pranks as well as public satire. Bart King is an exceptional author whose intended audience is pranksters of all ages. Obviously, it is an informative work that I personally find useful.
This guide has a set point of view throughout its chapters. The view is the prankster’s eyes. Final judgment is based upon Mr. King’s experience and ability to decipher political slurs. These slurs can even conceal a racial joke. Enhancing the author’s experience is the fact that Mr. King lived his childhood in the “utterly boring” neighborhood (as said by Bart himself) of Orange County.
The book includes anecdotes from his adolescence. These stories tell of how Bart King started pulling pranks with his friends because they were bored. He has said in his work, “ Man, we were bored… so we passed the time by pulling pranks on the mean, old man down the street!”. It has truly fulfilled its duty as a nonfiction book. Many others may restate history, but this one doesn’t tell you things that you don’t want to As I said in the beginning, The Guide to Mischief is an excellent source to learn how to or about pranks and satire. It speaks of political jokes that aren’t noticeable. I believe it is really interesting for those who are a mischief-maker at heart. My final opinion is remarkable. Mr. King did a beauteous job describing and telling funny (and random) things that somebody out in the world can laugh at.

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