Untied States of America

May 15, 2009
By Briana Harper BRONZE, Charlestion, West Virginia
Briana Harper BRONZE, Charlestion, West Virginia
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Untied States of America is about Our Country. Our Past, Our Present, and even our culture. Like in the past how the Europeans used to come to our country and they saw The Wonderful Natural wonders. Our Present, We have An African American president named Barrack Obama and he is the first African American president and he wants to make a change in our Country. Our culture When you see A woman or A man walking on the streets you would usually see them in Jeans and a tee shirt or maybe in the summer A shirt and some shorts or skirts with flip flops or tennis shoes. Our food which is native and our own would be Popcorn; our most popular Fast Food restraint would be McDonalds.

Description and summary of main points
In Our Past we have The Europeans that came and said that they had seen the most Beautiful Natural wonders that they have ever seen in there life. We had John Smith that sailed New England coast and found forests and fertile land. In Florida, Spanish explorers came upon Waters with fish. Our present we have a president is Barrack Obama he is married and has 2 kids and they are both girls one named Malia Ann and she is 10 years old and Natasha is 7 years old. They all want to make a difference in our life and in everyone’s life, but for the better and not for the worse. Our Culture is that most speak English and Our Clothing in the winter is Coats, Jackets, Long sleeve shirts, and Pants with tennis shoes or boots. In the summer most like to wear shorts or a skirt with Flip Flops or tennis shoes a t-Shirt or a tank and swim wear is a bikini. Our only natural food is Popcorn which the Indians introduced to us and our main and most famous restraint is McDonalds which is a fast-Food place.

Our United States is a country that is home to many and we have excellent knowledge such as Kindergarten through College we usually begin elementary at 5 or 6 years old and we usually begin College or leave high school at 18 years old. In school you can either go to Public school which is free or Private school which cost an amount of money. We usually eat ethnic foods such as Pizza from Italy or Salsa from Mexico. We are a wonderful country and we may be a fatter or bigger country than the rest (Or so believed by many others) we have a good country that has good home restraints such as McDonalds which is Fast-Food. Or our own food Popcorn, Which the Indians had introduced to Europeans long ago.

We have a well and put together country. When you look in our Past I think that it is very interesting to learned what happened before and how they discovered a lot of new things like New food, New Places, New trails, and well you are starting to get the point. I think that the past is wonderful and that’s what made it our present and some of our future today. I am glad that they are not discriminating anymore or we wouldn’t have Barrack Obama as our president today and I know that he will make a difference and a good one unlike our past presidents. I am glad that we made McDonalds because they make good food and that is our

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