The song in the Streets

May 15, 2009
By stephanie blackshire BRONZE, Clendenin, WV, West Virginia
stephanie blackshire BRONZE, Clendenin, WV, West Virginia
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Book title and author: the Song in the Streets by Cornelia Spencer
Title of review: Man in the streets
Number of stars (1 to 5):3

Introduction: It starts off with a man in the streets writing and singing songs. The author’s purpose of this story was to entertain people and to sing along with people. This story encouraged me because it taught me how people got along with each other and love having music in their heart.

Description and summary of main points: The man in the streets didn’t have a name. All he did was entertain people with music and enjoying himself. I think readers would love this story if they loved music and learning new things. The story was well-organized and had great information.

Evaluation: The man that was playing the songs had got a lot of people in with him playing their instruments and before he even knew it he had a whole gang of people. To me the story achieved its goals because the information that the author put into this story supported the main events. It compares with other books by the songs that were written and how people got together singing and playing their songs.

Conclusion: The purpose of the book was also to see how many people love to play with their instruments and have fun. The main points were to show you the joy and the fun of music. So the man in the book had fun with the people playing and joining in with him.

Your final review: If the book was out for purpose I really wouldn’t get it because I don’t like to play instruments or be in a band.

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