May 15, 2009
By Anonymous

Bulldogs by Tammy Gagne is a very interesting book. It has a lot of facts on the way Bulldogs live. They are wonderful dogs that need a lot of attention. I have a Bulldog and the book taught me more about him.
I would recommend this book if you were getting a Bulldog and didn’t know much about them. The book talks about how Bulldogs play, what they eat, their behavior, and much more. The author of this book has a lot of experience with Bulldogs and other breeds of dogs. Through out the book she makes comparisons with Bulldogs and her own dogs which makes it easier to understand.
Another thing that helps you learn more about Bulldogs is there are a lot of anecdotes in the book. Which are detailed and tell more about what the subject is about. There are also a lot of pictures to help understand and see what a Bulldog looks like. The Bulldog has a very intimidating face but is much more like a big teddy bear. The pictures also have captions that tell you what the picture is showing Pictures are really helpful in a non fiction book because sometimes the author might use a term that you’re not sure about. So if the author puts it into a picture it would be easier to understand.
This book is an excellent reference for anyone to use if they want to become a Bulldog expert. The author did a great job of writing almost everything there is to know about the Bulldog. I liked the book a lot it taught me so much about my own Bulldog.

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