Hoops and Religion

May 14, 2009
By Anonymous

Book title and author: Sacred Hoops Phil Jackson
Title of review: Hoops and Religion
Number of stars (1 to 5): 3

Sacred Hoops is about the Chicago Bulls basketball coach, Phil Jackson, who is trying to find the right religion for him. When he finally found it, he spread it onto his team. He taught his team to play respectfully and with good manners. This book is intended for adults or young adults that like basketball or plan to have a basketball team.
Phil Jackson has tried many different religions but, he just could not settle on one. HE tried the different religion out for about a year. The religions kept him calm, sane, and religious, but he always found something wrong with them. The author of this book played professional basketball, then went on to be the Chicago Bulls coach.
Phil Jackson wants to have religion in his youth and team. I would say that he achieved his goal. To other nonfiction books this book is different because it combines basketball and religion.
This book contains religion and basketball. This team in this book has to learn how to how to play as a team and with respect for each other. Phil Jackson introduces them to many different religions, and the team tries them all.
I would give this book three stars, because it was very slow at times but it wasn’t terrible.

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