Ghost Ship

May 14, 2009
By Anonymous

Ghost Ship by Brian Hicks is about the “Mary Celeste” and all the ghostly things that happened to it. The book is also about the captains the ship had and what happened to its crews.
The “Mary Celeste” was once abandoned at sea. Benjamin Briggs was the captain. He had taken his wife and daughter with him on the trip. Another ship's crew, the “Dei Gratia,” found the ship and sailed it back to shore. The British Vice Admiralty Court took custody of the “Mary Celeste.” The “Dei Gratia's” crew was questioned. The Admiralty Court wanted to know what became of the crew on the ship. They asked many questions and investigated it many times. They could not figure out what happened, so they gave up. Many years later, a man finally figured out the most logical thing that could have occurred to the crew. Most of the book is about what became of the “Mary Celeste” crew. It gives you many theories about what occurred.
I did not like the book very much. The entire book was about the theories of the missing crew. It gave so many theories that I became bored. I did not want to know every single theory. Some of the theories were interesting, but Hicks put too many in the book. Because of that, I did not enjoy most of the book.
If you want to learn about the “Mary Celeste” and every single theory there is about it, read this book. If you aren't interested in the “Mary Celeste” and her missing crew, then I do not recommend that you read Ghost Ship.

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