May 15, 2009
By Shane Jones BRONZE, Pinch, West Virginia
Shane Jones BRONZE, Pinch, West Virginia
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Hiroshima by John Hersey is about the bombs they dropped on Hiroshima, and about the people who was their when they dropped the bombs. John Hersey the author of this book was born in Tientsin, China. After he moved to the United States he went to Yale University. This book tells the aftermath of what happen in Hiroshima. It tells about how the people survived when the bomb was dropped. Hiroshima had a lot of characters in it. The setting takes place in the time period around the 1940s. It takes place in Hiroshima, Japan. The theme to me is that is even when your down you can still achieve. I think John Hersey wrote this book, because he wanted to inform the readers about Hiroshima. This book has a lot of very important information.

The author's comments:
You will like this book if you like learning something new.

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