Ark of the Empire by Dale Van Every

Book title and author: Ark of the Empire by Dale Van Every
Title of review: O.K. Read
Number of stars (1 to 5): 3
I read the book the Ark of the Empire by Dale Every for English class. The book mainly talks about America’s history. It tells us how America became a nation. Dale wrote this book to help people understand and appreciate America’s nationalism. From his book you can.

It is written about history of America. From what I have read about Dale, he is suitable to write this book. He got an A.B. degree in history from Stanford University. Also, he worked as an ambulance driver and a second lieutenant with the U.S. Army in France during World War I. So, Dale understands and knows what people did for us to be a free nation.

Between 1784 and 1803 is when it took place. It talks about the American Frontier. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams are also mentioned. He tells how they helped us have a free nation. Dale includes things from George’s diary, which makes it a little harder to read.

Dale did achieve his purpose. By adding George’s diary, it helped me understand better. The way it was written may be confusing, but it helped me to appreciate the people fighting for our country more. Though, Dale only tells the vantage point of Ohio and Mississippi during the American Frontier. Overall, it was o.k. to read.

I believe this book can be helpful for many people. America’s nationalism is mainly what the book is about. Some people don’t appreciate what others did for us to have a free nation, but others just don’t understand it. This book can help. If you one of those people, then you should read it.

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