Obesity by Andrea C. Nakaya

May 15, 2009
By Camren Duncan BRONZE, Elkview, West Virginia
Camren Duncan BRONZE, Elkview, West Virginia
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Obesity by:Andrea C. Nakaya is about knowing what to eat. It tells what is healthy and what isn’t. People in American need to stay healthy by using exercise.
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The editor Andrea wrote the book with help of others. She feels that the over weight is a problem in America so she decided to give tips. Andrea has also decided to cut back on unhealthy food and exercise daily.

In 2002 two girls in New York were suing McDonald’s because, they claimed, the food had made them overweight. A representative for the fast food chain contended that its food could not be linked to the girls’ obesity and was, in fact, healthy. Spurlock decided to test it on a thirty-day period with only McDonalds’ food. “If it’s so good for me, then I should be able to eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 30 days straight with no side effect’s right” said Spurlock. Spurlock gained 25pounds and suffered from a number of serious, obesity-related health problems.

The book is all about staying fit and in shape. Example, when you watch TV on commercials do some push ups or sit ups stretch don’t stay sitting for more then thirty minutes. The point is that Obesity is a serious issue in America and if you stay fit you would lose a lot of weight. Hopefully this book will influence at least half the nation to lose weight.
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