The Living Forest by Jack McCormick

May 15, 2009
By Anonymous

Title of review: Not very good in some ways

The book that I read about was The Living Forest by Jack McCormick. It was about some things arons, when forests burn down and regrow again, and about the food chain of the animals.
One chapter that I read said that when a forest burns down it take all most about 5 or 6 years to regrow. Jack McCormick wrote cause he knows its important cause people keeping cutting down trees like none thing. And the rest of the book was about how people polluting the earth and the rivers. The animals that were in the book had a hard time finding food and finding clean water that they can drink to live.
The Living Forest did achieve its goals and purpose that he was setting for. The book comparison with other books I had read that was nonfiction was not the best that he did though.
The arons, when forest burns down and regrows again and about the food chain of the animals. I did and didn’t like the book because it bored me a little bit. Because that it very didn’t make me feel that the earth, the forest, and the animals are in danger.
I would not give The Living Forest to any one in else you like the forest.

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