Ask Me No Questions

May 18, 2009
By Preciouspakii SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
Preciouspakii SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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The book Ask Me No Questions is about a girl named Nadira and her family living in the US illegally. Being a Muslim, living in the US with expired visas after 9/11 you are now in danger. Nadira's father gets arrested on the United States border. Her mother goes to a shelter. Nadira & her sister Aisha goes back to school. Its now Nadira's and Aisha's responsibility to save their family. Can they save their family? Can they go to school and act as if nothing has happened? Can Aisha find a college that suits her? You'll have to read this phenomenal book to find out.

Nadira is a 14-year-old girl, who is 9th grader who is trying to save her family. Aisha on the other hand, is searching for a college that will not affect her life outside of school and is hoping to save her family as well. Is their dream of becoming legal citizens going to become true? Their mother is in the shelter looking forward to get her husband out of jail.

I think that this book is like the only book that uses an excellent amount of vocabulary. Unpredictable events happen like Nadira standing up for herself and expressing what's in her mind [which is my favorite part]. What I don't like about this book is actually nothing. Marina Budhos is a remarkable writer, who has made this book a pager turner. This engaging book shows how some teenagers can make differences. Budhos has written a moving and a touching book. The theme of this book is citizenship and acceptance in a country. Come and walk a mile in this family's shoes.

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