The Death Camps

May 15, 2009
By Anonymous

The Death Camps is a nonfiction book about the Holocaust by William W. Lace. This book tells you about people who lived and died in the death camps.
The Death Camps is very unique because it tells you about the holocaust terrors that killed many people. The camps were gas chambers which contained deadly chemicals. If the Nazi’s didn’t put the Jews in the gas chambers they would burn them alive in a cremation pit. Each chapter had at least four pictures to show you what it looked like. People would starve and get extremely underweight and die. I think the author wrote this for a specific purpose, to get people to understand how horrible time this was. When I started reading I realized my life was pretty good after all these innocent people were killed. This book may be scary for littler kids because it’s so graphic.The Death Camps is very much like The Diary Of Anne Frank. Anne Frank was a girl that wrote a diary about how life was in the holocaust, but Anne her family and acquaintances were hiding from the terror. William W Lace did a great job in righting this book. The reason I say this is because this book made me scared and no other book has ever done this to me before.

I would give The Death Camps a 4 out of five, one missing because the people who would not read it. This book is made for a certain audience. This book is amazing so pick it up and read it

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