May 15, 2009
By Anonymous

The book Cuba was about how Cuba became a country. In the book written by: Clifford W. Crouch. He tells about everything that happened and how many people are in Cuba. The book also tells how Cuba is a great supplier of sugar. They make a lot of sugar down in Cuba, so every time I get sugar or eat it I’m going to think of Cuba. I think the book would be very helpful to anybody wanting to learn about Cuba. If I was doing something on the state Cuba I would definitely read this book. I think one of the main points in this book would have to be that it gives you a map to see where Cuba is located. Then the second main point is that Cuba is just like the United states but it doesn’t have mountains an a lot of other stuff. This book is helpful in a lot of ways because it can really help someone learn about Cuba. I have a family member that is from Cuba and I think that I would like to go to visit and have a great time down in Cuba. I think I would take this book down with me if I ever went to Cuba an see if all of this that is in this book. I would write everyday and take questions. The book gives away details about how Cuba looks and is down there. It shows a lot of pictures. It also shows pictures of important people. It also talks about the struggles that had happened in Cuba like the war that they had.

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