the greatest gift i could offer

May 15, 2009
By Anonymous

The book the greatest gift I could offer was about Obama’s views on parenting and life. In the book written by Olivia M. Cloud she tells about thing that the Obama’s have overcome and how they try and live a normal life. The book also tells about Michelle growing up and her relationship with her family and parents.I think the book would be helpful anybody has children. The reason I think that the book would be good for parents is because it gives a lot of good parenting advice. I think that one of the main points in this book was to always try and take care of things in the best way possible. The book would be very helpful in a lot of ways because it is a parenting book. The book also has many details about the Obama’s growing up and how the childhood was and how there children’s childhood is the same in many ways. The book gives away details about some of the struggles that the family has faced in the past. It talks or tells about how they got through and over looked the struggles that the faced. Overall it was a great book and will be greatly enjoyed.

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