How To Keep Your Pet Healthy

May 15, 2009
By Alison Cobb BRONZE, Charleston, West Virginia
Alison Cobb BRONZE, Charleston, West Virginia
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The book “ How To Keep Your Pet Healthy “ is a good way to help you learn how to take better care of your pet and tells you what to do if your pet gets sick. The purpose of this book was to help all those animal lovers take good care of their pets. My thought about the book is it tells a lot of important information, but had a very boring way of explaining it.
If your pet gets sick or is acting funny this book will you help you figure out to the best of your knowledge of what could be wrong with it. Also it gives you tips like, when your cat or dog repeatedly starts crying out at random times then it may have stomach worms crawling around making its tummy hurt and that causes it to cry out.
The author had a good purpose for the book, but they should have made it more interesting by adding pictures and more text, that way it wouldn’t be so boring.
Other than the book being boring it was a pretty good book.

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