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May 13, 2009
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The Code Talker
By Joseph Bruchac

(Translated from the Navajo Language) Ant Whale Eagle Squid Otter Mouse Eel. If a Navajo would be to say this over a radio, it would be exactly what this book is. The Navajo language is that they take the first letter of the word and that is the letter of the word. Try and figure that one out!
16-year-old Ned Begay just finished his time at boarding school, where he was lashed severely if he would speak his native language in front of a teacher. Ned soon joined the navy, even more curious because Navajos were being specifically recruited by the military leaders for a special team of radio personal. Although they went unnoticed, they were a huge part of World War 2. As Ned Begay fought through many battles, was shot multiple times, and was nearly the subject of…
Bet you want to know what happened. You, and only you, need to read this book. I can’t tell you. Only You can find out. Will You find out what happened? I think that You will read this Book and like it very much. Have a great time!

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