Stranger With My Face

May 12, 2009
By Shawnee Belding BRONZE, Barrackville, West Virginia
Shawnee Belding BRONZE, Barrackville, West Virginia
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Introduction: This book was published in 1981. There are 252 pages in this book. Here are a few of the main points in the book. One is that Laurie finds a boyfriend, and then starts to like another boy from her school. Two Lea has been watching over Laurie for quit some time now. Third, Lea is starting to make Laurie feel awkward when their around each other. The author's idea was to make the reader see that even though you may know everything about someone you really know nothing about them.

Description and summary of main points: Laurie a girl in high school and her friends and family start to say they have been seeing her in places where she really wasn't. She starts to get scared and later finds out that she was adopted and has a twin sister. Also she finds out that her sister Lea is still alive after their biological mother pasted away recently. Lea has been talking to Laurie and has been teaching Laurie to project herself from her body. Laurie leaves her body one day and find out a lot about her sister. Lea is in a mental institution because she has murdered insistent people before. Once Laurie found out about all this she got really scared and went back to her body but she couldn't get in Lea was inside Laurie's body. What will Laurie do, will she ever get back inside her body? Will Lea start to harm the people Laurie loves or will Laurie do something about before it happens?

Evaluation: This book was very interesting to me because it was just a very mysterious story line. I love how each chapter gave you a question at the end so it made me just want to keep reading till I finished the book. The book took place in New England on an island. The main characters were Laurie, Lea. The theme of the story is that even though you want to be like someone else you should always try to be yourself, also when you think you may know someone you should think twice.

Conclusion: Stranger with My Face was very good. Like I said before every chapter just got even more exciting then the last chapter before. This book was very interesting to me; it had me wanting to get it done so fast. It was just so exciting for me to read.

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