The Diary of Anne Frank

May 12, 2009
By Anonymous

The Diary of Anne Frank is about a girl named Anne that longed for the life of a normal girl while being locked up in an apartment hidden from danger. I personally did not care for this book. It was hard to stay focused on, and did not keep me interested enough to leave me wanting to know more.Anne Frank, her family, the Van Daan's, and a dentist Mr. Dussel escape to an apartment—which they call the Secret Annex that sits on the top floor of Mr. Frank's office—to hide out from being put in concentration camps. In the book, Anne writes, in her diary which she calls Kitty, about experiences with her family, the Van Daan's, Mr. Dussel, and how she feels within and her own thoughts.In the book the character description and personalities were very well written, I thought. You got a feel for how they worked, meaning why they acted how they did when something happened.

The writing style along with the setting, plot, and theme bored me. I was easily distracted and found my thoughts straying from the book. There really was not much description of what things looked like, although they were locked in an attic for three years.
Over all, I did not care for the book, but I still would recommend it to teens; especially girls, or just anyone. It did give a lot of ideas to how things were back then (around the 1940's-1950's), meaning how they could treat you, how easy it was for one person to take over, and how people got along. The book also really opens your eyes to help make you appreciate how great we have it today.

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