the man from the other side

May 12, 2009
By dakota thompson BRONZE, Barrackville, West Virginia
dakota thompson BRONZE, Barrackville, West Virginia
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The story is World War Two themed from the Jew’s point of view. It is about a boy and his step dad who work through underground sewers to sell the Jews food and other supplies. The book is written to entertain but also teach you about the past. The book did not interest me. The book had no point.

Description and summary of main points
There were very few main points. The first is when the boy and his step-dad become friends. The second is when the boy and his friends from school rob a Jew who is trying to escape. In the end the boy fells bad then gives the money back.

The plot is a boy and his step-father helping Jew’s to make money. The main characters are Marek who is the boy around age 13. The other main character is Marek’s step dad Antony. The book is written in a very weird way because it is translated from the Jewish language. The book doesn’t really achieve its purpose on entertaining but I guess it does inform about the war. I have never read a book like this. The plot and characters are poorly developed. The author must have been tired when he wrote this book.

The book could be better if they introduced you to the characters better. It would probably interest the nerdy type or a Jew. Someone who has no interest in the past would find this book boring. I don’t recommend this book and I rate it 1.5 stars.

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