May 5, 2009
By autumn24 BRONZE, East Bethany, New York
autumn24 BRONZE, East Bethany, New York
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Twilight by Stephenie Meyer was one of the best books I have ever read. The book received many honors including a New York Times Editor's Choice, a Publishers Weekly Best Book of the Year, and more. The story is about a 17 year old girl named Isabella Swan or as she likes to be called “Bella”. While her mother, Renee, is traveling with her new boyfriend, Phil, Bella decides to move in with her dad, Charlie at the town of Forks. At her first day of school Bella expects to be the outcast at school, but quickly finds out everyone in Forks has been looking forward to her arrival. Several boys compete for shy Bella's attention. Instead she finds out who the outcasts of the school are, the Cullens. Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, and Emmet all were strikingly beautiful and unique to Bella, especially Edward Cullen. The Cullens were raised by Dr. Carlisle Cullen, and Esme Cullen.
Bella soon discovers Edward is in her Lab class, and Bella notices some very strange behavior from Edward. As she is passing the fan to her seat she notices Edward with his piercing black eyes, put his hand over his face, and looking as if something smelled terrible. Bella was mortified and wondered if anything was wrong with her. To check, Bella smelled her hair and noticed she used her favorite strawberry shampoo. She was very confused with why Edward looked like he had hated her. She decided the next day in class she would confront him and ask what his issue with her was. Problem was Edward mysteriously was not in school the rest of the week. The next week of school in Lab class Edward was a very courteous nice gentleman introducing himself to Bella. The complete opposite behavior of what Edward demonstrated the previous class. Bella noticed how beautiful his golden, brown eyes were. She questioned how Edward's eyes happened to change from a dark, piercing, black to a warm, golden, brown.
While in the parking lot Bella is by her truck, and one of her classmates, Tyler, nearly kills Bella with her van. Somehow Edward rescues Bella by literally pushing the van away with his hand, and picking up the van. Bella was in shock and had no clue how Edward saved her. After this incident Bella was trying her best to figure out how Edward saved her life. While at La Push beach she runs into her family friend, Jacob Black, and tells Bella about local tribal legends about the Quiletes, and the “Cold Ones”. From there everything clicks to Bella and concludes the Cullens are vampires.
After talking to Edward, Bella realizes she was right about the Cullens. Over time, Edward and Bella fell in love. Edward decides one day to take Bella to play baseball with his family. The game ends when another vampire coven runs into the Cullens. The vampires are Laurent, James, and Victoria. These vampires quickly discover Bella is a human. James is a tracker, and is intrigued by the Cullens' relationship with a human, and now wants to hunt Bella. The Cullens attempted to distract James by splitting up Edward and Bella. So Alice, and Jasper try to hide Bella by sending her to a hotel in Phoenix. While in Phoenix Bella receives a phone call from James , who claims he is has her mother. When Bella surrenders herself, James attacks her, but the Cullens show up and rescue Bella, and kills James. Bella then says her hand is burning and instantly Edward knows it's the venom from James biting her. Edward does not want Bella to become a vampire yet, and decides to suck the venom from her before it spreads. Then Bella is taken to the hospital where her family thinks Bella fell down a flight of stairs and crashed through a window. Edward feels terrible for Bella, and was angry with how hurt she got. When Bella and Edward returned to Forks, they attended their school prom. At the prom Bella reveals how much she desires to be a vampire and to be with Edward forever. Edward refuses Bella's request. The next book, New Moon, is a great follow up to Twilight and I highly recommend it.

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