Dave Barry's Greatest Hits

May 5, 2009
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Dave Barry’s Greatest Hits is a collection of hilarious columns. Written during the 1980s and 90s, Barry comments on high taxes, obnoxious yuppies and men’s favorite pastimes: beer and sports. Some essays satirize big names in politics or tacky restaurant chains. The basic premise of the novel is commentary on the times. Somehow, twenty years later, it’s still entertaining (and true).
What’s unusual about this book is that it is really hard to put down. One might think that after an essay or two, boredom would set in. However, his biting wit keeps the reader laughing as she turns the page. Many of the comments made me nod in agreement, for they were often very true (especially regarding crazy people in New York and scumbag politicians).
Each piece made me laugh and I loved that feeling, especially since I’m still trying to survive junior year. They are like small conversations, funny and unique. Overall, I felt relaxed, not like I had to be looking for metaphor or allegory. The three hours I spent reading this were definitely enjoyable.
I would recommend this book to people who like to laugh. Be forewarned that you must enjoy sarcasm. Sometimes Barry complains. These complaints should be taken as humorous not whiny. If you’re looking for a book to counter stress, I recommend this read.

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