Meagan Meade’s Guide to the McGowan Boys

April 30, 2009
By Anonymous

What if you were fourteen years old and moving to Boston, going to a new school, living with a new family and on top of that finding out that family has seven sons? What if you found out that one of the two boys you like has a girlfriend that hates your guts and will do anything to get rid of you? What if you kissed that boy and all of a sudden his stubborn girlfriend walked in?

That is what happens in Kate Brian’s book Meagan Meade’s Guide to the McGowan Boys. It all starts out when Meagan moves to Boston with some family friends because her parents are going to Japan because they are in the army and Meagan didn’t want to go. Meagan knew they had kids but what she didn’t know that they had 7 boys which was in a way good for her.

Over the time Meagan faces a lot of conflicts with a girl named Hailey who is supposedly the best soccer player in the school but Meagan doesn’t think so until they have a face off which Hailey won because she cheated. One thing Meagan didn’t know was that Hailey was Aaron’s girlfriend. She doesn’t like this because Meagan likes Aaron and Aaron also has a sum what attracted to her.

She also has problems when she finds out that Fin and Aaron like her which gets her all crazy because she doesn’t know who she likes more. This causes problems between the two brothers later on in the book.

Since Meagan is a person who can’t say, the day she had soccer tryouts Regina her parent’s friend asked her to go to the spa for the day but since she doesn’t know how to say no she gets into going to the spa even though she doesn’t like the spa at all. Meagan is also a type of tomboy until one day Regina takes her shopping for girly clothes and make up which she wears to make Regina happy.

For a while Meagan starts liking Fin. Fin is the type of person who is a shy boy because he is afraid to ask out a girl he likes so he asks Meagan to help him ask her out but when he goes out with her he finds out that she is actually mean. Fin is also very artistic because since the day Meagan arrived he had started a portrait of her in his little shack in the back yard. Fin is a guy who take the blame for something when he didn’t do it because on e day Meagan and him sneak out to a party but when they get home they get caught and he took full responsibility for what they did.

In the end Meagan gets so frustrated that she decides to leave but someone tells her something that makes her reconsider. But in the end will she stay or not read the book to find out if she leaves, if she gets together with

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