April 27, 2009
By brianna94 BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
brianna94 BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
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Title: Night
Author: Elie Wiesel
First copyright date: 1958
Type of book: autobiography/Jewish interest
Price: $9.00
ISBN: 978-0-374-50001-6
Theme: inhumanity
Thesis: The Germans' inhumanity towards the Jews allowed for much suffering and pain.

The author was unsure of the true purpose for this book, yet knew that through his chronicles of the experience became a survivor who was obligated to inform you of the ruthlessness of the Germans during the Holocaust. The author wrote about the horrors of the Holocaust because he had experienced it firsthand. This novel is a coming of age autobiography of Jewish interest. It fits in with the book because the author is discussing the events he encountered as a young adult, which forced him to mature quickly.
The author used narration to put emphasis on the events he encountered throughout his time at the concentration camps. An example of this is, “My father was crying. It was the first time I saw him cry. I had never thought it possible. As for my mother, she was walking, her face a mask, without a word, deep in thought. I looked at my little sister, Tzipora, her blond hair neatly combed, her red coat over her arm: a little girl of seven. (Night, ch. 1, pg.19) This style of writing allowed me to fully understand the magnitude of his situation and be sympathetic.
The book succeeded past its goal of informing me of the ruthlessness of the enemy through the descriptions of his own experiences and the emotional toll it took on him and his father. My thoughts and ideas about the Holocaust were only reinforced through this book, yet I now have a better understanding for situation. I would recommend this book to others because it paints you a vivid picture of the Holocaust through the eyes of a teenage boy. You gain knowledge of the true experience in a concentration camp during the Holocaust and how hard it was to overcome. This book deeply affected me through the sympathy I gained for the Jews who endured severely harsh conditions.
This book is about a young teenage boy, Elie Wiesel, who is living in the midst of the Holocaust. His family is taken from their home in Transylvania to a concentration camp and is separated from his mother and sister. This book descriptively explains the struggle to survive the harsh treatment in the concentration camps. It shows Elie's struggle to keep his father alive and help himself. Ultimately, Elie walks away from this experience as an adult who was forced to quickly grow up through his experience. The principal topics of this book were family, racism, and religion. My ideas about family is that you should unite together and support each other in times of hardship, which is how Elie and his father were able to survive much of what they endured, My thoughts about racism are that no one should be degraded,abused,or looked at differently just because they have a different skin color and background. The people in the concentration camp suffered greatly simply because they were Jews. My ideas about religion are that you should maintain you faith in times of hardship. Many Jews in the concentration camps would pray to survive and keep going.

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