24 - Terrorism Through Television

April 23, 2009
By Toby James BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
Toby James BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
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The book is by an author called Rich Jepson, I've not read any of his other books but I was overall very impressed with this one. The book looks at the show from a unique perspective discussing the show's relation to politics and terrorism in the 21st century. I found this interesting because I've not read anything about 24 that looks at this area in such detail.
24 - Terrorism Through Television is divided into 10 Chapters which are focused on three main areas of the show - Politics & the Presidency, Terrorists & Religious fundamentalism and the use of torture and interrogation. Also included is a chapter dedicated to 24 - Redemption and its relation to the Rwandan genocide.

Firstly, the writer talks about the shows vision of politics, he talks about how the Presidents in the show parallel those in real life. For example, Jepson suggests how 24 predicted the vision of a black president early in the new century and how other presidents are symbolic of previous administrations such as Nixon & Charles Logan.

Secondly, I was very impressed with the level of research this writer has done in his investigation of terrorists and terrorist threats in 24. Personally, I never knew how alike some of the characters in the show are to actual terrorists in post 9/11 America. Not only this but the use of weapons and the internet has been dramatized in 24 in many different situations. I didn't know that these were, in most cases, based on previous attacks or foiled plans. Specifically, in season six when the government establishes camps for anyone of Islamic faith/middle east descent, Jepson identifies that the U.S government has had similar plans drawn up for these sorts of scenarios.

Furthermore, Jepson talks about the Use of Force and Interrogation within 24, such an issue has been brought up frequently over the past few years and in season 7 this provides one of the main plot lines. In the latter chapters of the book the writer discusses the meeting between the 24 writers and the West Point military trainers. A few things here I didn't know caught my attention such as the fact that Joel Surnow had walked out before the meeting had begun...lol

In addition, the book is very up to date especially as it details the events of 24 - Redemption. The individual chapter compares Redemption with the events of Rwandan genocide. This is quite sad to here but very interesting, especially as characters such as Dubaku and Juma appear to be based on the captains of the malitia.

Overall, I think this book was great, one I first received it I thought it appeared short at 92 pages long. However, after reading it I believe this makes the book better as the author writes very focused, detailed and well-written chapters, without waffling on too much on certain points. In all, I'd like a little more but I learned a lot from a very good book. A must read for 24 fans I'd say as you'll be surprised to find out what the show represents. I would recommend this to all fans of 24.


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